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Yonkers Artist Paints Mural in 24 Hours

For those who may have missed it, last weekend (August 30th), beginning at 8:30 AM, we teamed up with AJK Productions and Yonkers' artist Blazay for a 24 hour long live streamed event on Youtube and Twitch.

The purpose of this event was to help Blazay raise some funds to work with For Freedoms and paint an amazing mural this month in Queens, NY. Blazay, also known as Robin Alcantara, has been painting advertisement murals for the past few years and is transitioning into creating more civically engaged art. The costs to paint the wall include flying in a second artist, renting a scissor lift/scaffolding, and the paint for the project.

Throughout the 24 hour event we had local musicians and bands perform, yoga sessions, podcast interviews with local artists and friends, a late night DJ set, and of course the epic 8x8 mural painting, as seen below.

We were able to raise $3,432.60 to go towards this project, which we were totally blown away by. The overall hope is to continue important conversations through art and bring communities together to fight for positive change and momentum forward.

Below is a short recap of the day! Thank you to everyone involved, everyone who donated, and the 914 community for showing so much love.


914 forever. 

Mural by Blazay.

Production by AJK Productions.

Photo of Blass 89.

Original Photo Taken By @jaxisonfire