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The five words that encapsulate what The 914 Collective represents: Be Yourself, Do It Yourself. This collective was started by A.J. Chiarella who created an authentic and DIY driven framework very early on in life through both punk rock and skateboarding.

From hosting dozens of local shows and opening a small music venue/music school, petitioning and advocating to get a skate park built in Yonkers, learning to screen print and printing thousands of t-shirts, and traveling the country in a van; everything surrounding the ideologies of this collective is that if you want to do something all that you have to do is go out and get it done. We hope to use music, art, and individuality to inspire others to create something beautiful and live their lives in a positive way that is unique to them and their goals.

The 914 doesn't just talk about getting things done, we are about getting things done.

Listen to the new podcast here.