The Blog Posts Begin...

Hey! In an effort to remain creative and work towards helping musicians, as well as show goers, I’ve decided I am going to start making regular blog posts that I will be updating to this website as frequently as possible (going to try to stick to at least one a week, if not more). I have also been in touch with a few people in the community about this, I just wanted to get the ball rolling a little bit. My hope is to open up some dialogue and communication within the community. I’d also like to give my perspective on certain topics, while hearing out others.

These blog posts will be based around news, upcoming events, DIY band tips, general music news, and more. I want to break it into different segments. I am also hoping to include videos with some of the written material that will be up on the Shakeout Youtube Channel (subscribe to keep up to date!)

SO, if you’re a writer (or want to be), message me or email me at with ideas! Totally down to have different segments and would love to hear out other’s ideas. The Donck is about being a collective, definitely not a “me” thing. Really want to have other people be a part of this. Also, if anyone has any ideas or questions for me that they think I should write about, send ‘em my way. Looking for more topics to write about myself! Cheers!!!

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