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What Is The 914 Collective?

For anyone who knows me, over the years I've done and tried A LOT of things. First and foremost I consider myself a musician. And through music I have had the opportunity to travel all around the country/world, meet a ton of people, and even help be a hand in building a great community in Westchester. From a young age I started playing local shows around here and through my 20's I booked a ton of shows and even ran a small DIY music space/school in Yonkers a few years back.

Through this journey I have found that I love building a sense of community. Whether it be through music, the Yonkers skate park, or more recently, the internet, it's truly one of my favorite things.

Over the past few years I have really jumped head first into creating content online. I have built and scaled a few TikTok accounts from scratch to thousands of followers. I started a podcast called Shakeout Live! with my band that has been extremely rewarding. I started working at the recording studio at Mercy College and have had the opportunity to be involved with creating live session recordings and videos of multiple major label artists for 107.1 The Peak. I also recently started an interview series where I plan to speak with 914 people in the 914.

Through all of this, I realize that I love creating in almost any capacity. I want to use this website and my social media platforms to help create media and content that drives a positive narrative for Westchester County. Something that showcases the different people, businesses, artists, musicians, whatever it may be. Very excited for this journey. Would love to speak with as many people as possible and figure out how we may be able to work together. Thanks for being here!

- A.J. Chiarella

The 914 Collective

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